Are You Old Woman ???? Are You Looking Winter Dress ???

01/11/2011 14:35

Find your color. We all have a color that makes us look alive, we glow when we wear it. This will become the staple of your wardrobe. It may take a little trial and error to find just the perfect color but we all have one and it probably isn't the same color that looked so luscious on you twenty years ago. As we age our color fades and our skin tone even changes. You need to find what is best for you now. Take the time to find the perfect color and then buy your staple wardrobe basics.

Consider getting a good winter coat in your color. If you have found two colors get a scarf and hat in your second great color. Think monochromatic, use you new best color to create an outfit. By adding a new cardigan in your best color you can update some of your older pieces and still make them very flattering.

If you are having trouble finding your own style once you have your color, look at some of your favorite mature celebrities. Former models, actresses and other public figures have developed their own style, borrow tips that they use and help create something that makes you comfortable. Women like Michelle Obama have created a style that is very age appropriate and perfect for their lifestyle.

As woman age, their waist line broadens, breasts sag and shoulder droop. It is sad but true. This makes fitting every time you go shopping important, sizes change just as the color that is best for you changed.

If you are carrying weight below the waist then don't wear styles that emphasize the hips, go shorter or longer, that will be more flattering. If you have lost your curves then a longer style will be the best.

Boots are always popular and nothing looks more stylish and flattering than a pair of boots. You can go short or you can go tall, it all looks good. The thigh high boots are perhaps left to the younger set but whether you like heals or flats, suede or leather, boots make your legs look great.

Jeans are also a must, but go with jeans that hit your natural waist, low rise is a young look and not as flattering to a mature figure.

Getting older allows you to dress the way the expresses your own personal sense of style. You are now a leader, not a follower, and you should embrace that.

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