Backlink Generators To Your Website And Blog

12/12/2011 05:31

Backlink generators help get traffic much easier.

Backlink Generators are the newest tool in getting good quality backlinks in half the time. While some backlink generators can be spammy, this list contains only the most sought after and highly credited backlink generators out there. Backlinking is a huge part of good SEO techniques, but the problem seems to be that creating backlinks takes a huge amount of time up. These backlinking generators serve a good purpose of helping you post links to relevant content around the website. This is a tool that most webmasters, article writers, and bloggers search for and use quite a bit.

Free backlink generators that work.

Imautomator Is a Free Backlink Generator - This is a completely free tool that you can sign up for and use today. This site is a social bookmarking site that helps you post your content on popular bookmarking sites with just a click of a button. Overtime, this can generator hundreds of backlinks to your content. This tool is free, but you can also pay to upgrade and unlock more features. It's definitely worth a look.

Drop My Link Helps You Submit Links In Half the Time - This is another freebie backlink site. Drop my link allows you to search for sites of the topic of choice, and searches for link submissions. If a few clicks, you may have found 100s of sites to drop a link onto, without spamming. You can choose which sites you leave a link at. The great thing about drop my link is that you are creating backlinks on sites that match what your content is. This way is doesn't seem like a generated directory submission. This is one of the top sites to find quality backlinks.

PR Backlink Generators Is Software That Is Used For Backlinking

PR Backlink Generators are incredible software that you can find at or that will offer you free trials and services to find reliable sources to post a link to. These tools mostly find relevant blogs and sites that are higher in pagerank that you can comment or backlink. You can find trial versions of these backlink generators or you can pay for one for long term use. The higher the pagerank of a site you post your link to is the more reliable choice and will help give you link juice to your own content.

Backlink Builder Is a Powerful Way to Generate Backlinks - This is another free tool that you can use on the web to generator backlinks. This tool works much like Drop My Link, where this search engine spiders out and finds sites relevant to your subject to submit links to. It's free to use and easy to try out. Just be ware of what site you are submitting to, some sites listed might be considered spammy.

Automatic Blog Submitters Are Another Form of Backlink Generators Software

You can find blog submitters on sites like and that have been scanned and contain no malware to create backlinks. These programs simply search by keywords in the blogging community to find posts where you can leave a comment and leave a link to your site. A lot of these comments are dofollow and the blogs are higher in pagerank. Just be sure to actually read the blog post and have a generally interesting comment or else it just seems like spam to the blog owner and it will be removed.