Dofollow Backlinks Will Increase Page Rank

12/12/2011 05:41

Backlinks aren't the only key. You also need to have relevant keywords that don't have much competition in the search engines. Use these keywords as anchor text when building backlinks. In this lens I will discuss several techniques to increase your page rank. These are the easiest and most affordable ways to increase your websites rank in search engines and get more targeted traffic. Creating unique content and adding backlinks in the content is the best way to get your site found. This is a time consuming process but I found a program that builds backlinks automatically for you. Since I started this lens I've found other ways and will try to update you with progress reports. Until recently this lens didn't get much traffic. I completely overhauled it and made it more appealing to readers which also helped raise its rank. I'll discuss what I did to get this lens more traffic and higher rank.

The First Tip To Increasing Your Page Rank

Start By Finding Good Keywords

To find good key words use Google's get keyword ideas tool in the adwords section of their site. To find a good keyword using this tool first look at the number of times each word is searched in a month. If it is higher than 100 than take that word and google it with "quotation" marks around it. If you get back less then 100,000 results Google it again without quotes. Take each site from the first page and check its page rank. I use this Fire Fox add on to check page rank and to check for dofollow links. Add up each of the page's rank to find out the average. Don't count article sites, social sites, web 2.0 site as they carry their own weight and you can use them too. Your looking for low competition. If the average pr is below 5 then it shouldn't be too difficult to get placed on the first page of Google within a couple of months.

The Difference Between Nofollow and Dofollow Backlinks

To Follow or not to Follow

First I'll give a brief explanation of the how and why backlinks help you get traffic . Search engines use the number of inbound links to a website to determine it's rank and popularity. Dofollow means the search engine's bots will follow the link and it will add juice to your site rank. There are two different types of nofollow links. One will tell the bots not to follow it at all the other will tell the bots to follow but not to add any weight to your page rank. This doesn't mean you should shy away from nofollow links completely as you can still get traffic from nofollow links. If that traffic stays on your page long enough to read it and or clicks a link then that can help your rank. I have compiled a list of sites I use to add backlinks to my sites. These are mostly social bookmarking sites. Some will add backlinks automatically for you. Here is a Fire Fox add on that will highlight nofollow links. It's the same add on for finding page rank. It puts an icon in the lower right corner of your screen when you right click it it gives you menu. This is a good tool to use to find dofollow sites to post comments on.

Have You Ever Made a Lens?

It's the First Thing I Do To Get Traffic

This is a good place to start creating content about your topic. Adding links to your blog or site will help you gain page rank and traffic. If you make a good lense with interesting subject matter people will rate it high and you will get even more traffic. There are a lot of techniques just in creating a high ranking lense. There are also many lenses about how to do this. Just search in Squidoo to find them. Click the link to start creating your own lenses so you can take advantage of the increase in traffic you'll receive.

List of Dofollow Backlink Sites

This is a list of social sites and social bookmarking sites that you can use to increase your backlinks.

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RedGage is a website that pays you for your conten more...2 points

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Start Blogs and Write Articles

Make Sure They Have Quality Unique Content

After you have 10 to 20 keywords you have to figure out how you are going to use them. First start a few blogs using a keyword in the title. For each post you make use a different keyword in the title, this is called an anchor text. Add a link to your site in each post. Your link should be a hyperlink of a keyword such as dofollow backlinks add link juice, this would be called a long tale keyword as it uses several words together, this is a good way to focus in on a micro niche. Don't just hyperlink "click here", the search engines will use the hyperlink words as a tag. Don't make it too commercial or self promoting as this will sound like spam. Make it interesting and people will read more and be more likely to click your link. Search engines monitor the time people spend on your blog and will rank it high if you get a good percentage of people staying on it for a few minutes. This means it must be a quality site. The higher ranking your blog the more weight the link to your site will have. You'll want to add backlinks to your blog as well. This will increase your blogs rank.

Next write a few ezine articles. Write one of these a week with a link to your site. Again make it high quality and not too spammy. What you are trying to do is create a bunch of original content by you and having it all linking back to your site. Eventually people interested in your topic will recognize that you have a lot of knowledge on your subject and think of you as an expert. Another key component is having all of these blogs and articles be unique. Search engines can tell if the same article or blog post is duplicated over and over again and will bury the posts and the backlinks from them. You can use a content spinning program to automate your article writing to save time. This program takes what you've written and uses synonyms you suggest to randomize your article. This makes unique articles and reduces the time spent writing them.

Backlink Booster

Link Stacking

The first thing you want to do when you get backlinks is to boost them by adding backlinks to them this is called link stacking. Whether you created the backlink or someone else did, it is a good idea to start by social bookmarking them. To find backlinks I use Yahoo's backlink checker tool. If you find that somebody else is linking to your site from theirs it is a good idea not to link back from your site. Reciprocal links don't give as much link juice. If you want to link back create a blog post or link back from another site such as Squidoo. It's also a good idea to thank the person if you can and show them the link you created back to their site. The more links that your backlinks have the more juice they will give to your main site. This is a very effective way to boost traffic from search engines. I recently found this site that will automatically boost your backlinks for you. All you have to do is find them or make them. This will save you lots of time and help your seo campaign.

Auto Backlink Generator

Backlink Builder Tool Gives Link Juice

This site uses all of the techniques I discuss in this lens to build backlinks. It takes a few weeks to notice a change so they give you a one month trial membership. Up until three weeks after I started using The Link Juicer I was only getting a few visitors a week to this lens. Now I'm getting a several a day and my rank keeps going up. I hope to soon be getting some major traffic. Remember, backlinks are the key to gaining page rank and getting traffic from search engines. To build backlinks organically is very time consuming. The Link Juicer uses campaigns that you design with content you write. It posts this content in social bookmarking sites and as blog posts. This is better than auto commenting where a bot searches out blogs and forums to post comments on. Those tend to be recognizable by moderators and get deleted. Using The Link Juicer to automate your backlink building will save you time, which you can put to better use.

Update- This lens is now in the top position in Google for several keywords. These aren't extremely competitive but still get quite a few searches a month. This has increased my traffic which will in turn help me get even more by people bookmarking, favoriting and rating this lense. Here is a guide to using The Link Juicer as a backlink generator.

More Tips to Increasing Your Page Rank

All it Takes is to Post Comments

Posting comments sounds easy but it is time consuming and again you don't want to spam your comments. This is a screen shot I took of a spam comment here on squidoo. I make sure to delete any comments I get that look like this one. You want to search for blogs, forums and Squidoo lenses related to your topic. When you post a comment make sure what you say is relevant and adds to the discussion. Don't just say a few words and add your link, that is considered spam. It is best to try to be the first to reply this will ensure more people see your link and click on it. If the comments are dofollow it doesn't matter as much if you are the first to post. A lot of sites have there comments nofollow but you can still get traffic from posting to these. Make a few posts a day to each of the blogs and forums you can find. If you are posting to a blog some allow the use of BBC code. Put this in your signature to automatically add your link each time you post. It looks like this. [b][URL=""]Your Signature Text[/URL][/b]. The [b] means to bold the text.

A Few More Ways To Get Traffic

Using Opt-In E-mail Lists

Here are some other ways I get traffic. The List Machine is a service that allows you to send e-mail ads to its members, it is called an opt-in e-mail list. What I did is use My Free Shares website to buy free sign ups to The List Machine which gave me 100 referrals plus a bonus amount of random people to send this email weekly. Here is another list building site that is free. Here is a site with a backlink analyzer tool .

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