Fergie Criticizes Manchester United Players

09/01/2012 01:55

Manchester United's victory at  Manchester City's home did not make Sir Alex Ferguson be  delight. Manchester United almost lost a three goal advantage, Fergie criticizes his players who considered carelessAlthough with a different score, Manchester United managed to avenge their defeat on the City. In the third round of the FA Cup which ended a few hours ago, the Red Devils beat The Citizens score 3-2.

Despite the win, Manchester United had to fight extra hard until the final seconds. 3-0 advantage in the first round could be trimmed to 3-2 in just 16 minutes the second half. This was the source of dissatisfaction Fergie.

"I think we had made ​​them (City) to perform better than us. We were very sloppy in the second round, but the problem is a 3-0 advantage at half time. Players thought they had escaped and then reduce the pressure," said Fergie, as reported by Reuters.

Fergie feasible disappointed with the two goals that lodged in the net of Manchester United in the second half. In addition to already superior first three goals, his protege also superior number of players after Vincent Kompany sent off at 12 minute .