Lombok Island, A Beautiful Panorama Of Indonesia

05/12/2011 06:01

Indonesia is a country endowed with so much natural wealth that is very charming.  Its natural colors spoil each eyes come to see it. One of the natural wealths of Indonesia is  Lombok Island ( Pulau Lombok ). This article may be a travel guide for anyone who wants to visit the beautiful island.As one of the areas of tourism, the Lombok Island is known for its panoramic beauty and culture. Mountain range which stretches, and overlay  white sand beaches that dominate in Lombok  make every tourist who comes to this area so reluctant stepped to home. In the afternoon sitting on the beach see the vast ocean stretching indefinitely, with a cluster of green mountains, and when the night shelter under a shining star flickering, making ourself feel like in heaven. Like Bali, white sandy beaches with a variety of coral reef or a waterfall with a million dazzling beauty are created on the Lombok Island.

Geographically the Lombok Island is situated between Bali Island and Sumbawa Island. If from Bali can be reached for 4 hours by boat , but if you use fast boats can be sailed with only 1 hour and can be accelerated if we get on a plane flying from Bali only takes about 15 minutes. Lombok is a small island in Indonesia. Located in the administrative area of Nusa Tenggara Barat,  Lombok Island has many unique good of nature, culture, various foods and many others.


Lombok Strait marks the boundaries of flora and fauna of Asia. Starting from the Lombok Island to the east, flora and fauna further demonstrate the similarity with the flora and fauna are found in Australia than Asia. The scientist who first stated this was Alfred Russel Wallace, an Englishman in the 19th century. To honor this limit was called the Wallace Line. Topography of the island is dominated by Rinjani volcano which height reaches 3,726 meters on sea level and making it the third highest in Indonesia. The mountain last erupted in June-July 1994. In 1997 the region of mountain and Segara Anak lake adjoining declared protected by the government. Area south of the island consists mostly of fertile land used for agriculture, commodities which are usually grown in this area include maize, rice, coffee, tobacco and cotton.

About 80% of the population of this island is the Sasak tribe, a tribe that is still close to the Bali tribes, but the majority embraced Islam. The remaining population is Balinese, Javanese, Chinese and Arabic. Besides the Indonesian language as the national language, the inhabitants of the island of Lombok (Sasak mainly), using the Sasak language as the primary language in everyday conversation. Most of the inhabitants of the island of Lombok especially Sasak tribe embraced Islam. The second largest religion prevailed in this island is the Hindu religion, which is embraced by the residents of Bali descendants number around 15% of the population there. Christian, Buddhist and other religions can also be found, and especially embraced by migrants from different tribes and ethnic groups who live on this island.

Lombok Island has now become one of Indonesia tourism icon, matchless beauty of the Lombok Island in Indonesia, Friendliness Sasak people, beauty of a very white beaches, coral reefs and incredible biological richness, splendor of Mount Rinjani and cultural uniqueness sasak many invites admiration domestic and foreign tourists. The beauty of the Lombok Island will invite you and your partner for a honeymoon here. Likewise with exotisme Gilis Island will also invite you to enjoy the beauty of the island.This island is one of the two largest islands are owned by the Province of West Nusa Tenggara. Beauty of the landscape, making the island of Lombok become one of the honeymoon destinations are also in demand. If you already know where the feet must tread, the beauty of Lombok can be explored on this trip.