Movie : Schwarzenegger Also Joining 'Black Sands' from 'Act of Valor' Directors

29/10/2011 20:55
Arnold Schwarzenegger

His return to the big screen is already on the way with production on The Last Stand and The Expendables 2, but action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is already filling up his future slate. Deadline has word that the actor will lead Black Sands, a new action film from Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy, the duo behind the Navy SEALs flick Act of Valor (watch the trailer right here). Skip Woods, who last wrote The A-Team and the franchise sequel A Good Day to Die Hard, is behind the script which sees Schwarzenegger as a loner who wages war against a ruthless weapons manufacturer and his private army in the Southwest. Read on!

So that's at least three action flicks that will soon be under Schwarzenegger's belt, so maybe we can get him to take on a comedy or something like that shortly thereafter? Of course, the action star is supposed to make another Terminator sequel, a thriller called Captive, and maybe the drama Cry Macho as well, so we may not get any laughs from the man who brought us comedies like Kindergarten Cop. Either way, it sounds like there's going to be plenty of Schwarzengger to go around over the next few years to make up for all those years he spent as governor of California instead of kicking asses on the big screen.

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