Preview Arsenal - Marsaille

01/11/2011 21:04

Arsenal's 5-3 victory over Chelsea in the Premier League continued at Stamford Bridge last weekend, not only the prestige incised the Gunners in the City of London and a historic moment for coach Arsene Wenger. In addition, the victory is getting double the Arsenal spirit to once again reap victory when facing their guest from France, Olympique Marseille,  4th Matchday  Group F Champions League at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (1 / 10)   later.

Arsenal's performance which before can not describe the current status as the team's top English Premier League has now been returned. Yes, members of the Big Four that had struggled since the Premier League competition this season started. Although it is not in line with the imprint on the European scene in which Arsenal Arsenal still occupy the top standings of Group F Champions League, but according to observers ball just happened to receive the effects of productivity goals Arsenal were minimal. The new Arsenal struck four goals in three appearances. Compare with Chelsea already packed 8 goals, or Barcelona who has 9 goals with the same number of matches.

Facing Marseille, here's a chance Arsenal to show that its performance has been returned. Arsenal should be able to demonstrate its capacity as a subscription Champions League with a myriad of experiences. Goals by goals in each game must be created again. As a seeded team in Group F Arsenal shall have no difficulty in facing teams like Marseille, Olympiakos or Dortmund.

At an earlier match with Marseille, where Arsenal could embarrass protege coach Didier Deschamps was at the Stade Velodrome with the numbers 1-0. Referring to the results, it is clear Arsenal would be easily rolled up France's representative once again. Moreover, they will play at Dedan euphoria of supporters today at the Emirates Stadium.

Meanwhile in Marseille side, they realize that stealing points in the stable, Arsenal desperately need the extra hard work, let alone see Arsenal have never lost record is now lost in seven games at home to newest. However, Didier Deschamps insisted there was no sense of fear and shame them get back in the cage for the Gunners. Deschamps saw his team's performance is equally ciamik with Arsenal. Three victories in the league last domestic preparedness efforts Marseille France came to seize the top of Group F of the Arsenal.

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