Winter In chicago

01/11/2011 14:27

Winter in the Windy City can be absolutely beautiful. Right on Lake Michigan, Chicago offers fascinating sights year round, and looks picturesque when covered in snow. However, the cold can be absolutely brutal. Nevertheless, Chicago is a happening city and fashion and function are both necessities in any season. Beat the cold in Chicago while remaining chic.


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      Wear a coat while you're out and about. Trench coats are trendy and popular among the professional crowd downtown. Simple, chic down coats also work if the style is right. Whatever the material, the coat must be long. Make sure it reaches below your knees to keep out the cold winds.

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      Wear a coat with a hood. This is almost as important as the coat itself. Hoods protect against the frigid winds better than hats and scarves alone. A hood retains the heat that can escape through the top of your head and gives your face some protection.

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      Put on a hat. Your ears will thank you, even if you hair might not. Keeping your head warm in the winter with a great cap is crucial to staying healthy. Make sure it covers your ears. Search for styles that match your jacket. Brimmed knit caps are a great twist on this traditional winter wear.

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      Tie a scarf around your neck. Scarves can be cute, comfy and affordable. Buy a bunch and mix and match them based upon the occasion, your outfit and mood. While these pieces are certainly fashionable, they are also practical. Keeping your neck and upper chest protected from the wind and cold does wonders for you in the winter. Choose a wide scarf that you can use to also cover your mouth and nose in case the weather gets really severe.

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      Protect your hands. If your hands are frozen numb, you can't possibly be productive, and dried, chapped hands are never appealing. Wear your favorite gloves or mittens to protect your hands from the elements. Match them with your hat and coat and make sure that they are warm.

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      Remember those boots are made for walking. Even if you work in a downtown office, boots are often necessary in Chicago winters, especially after an unexpected snowfall or ice storm. To keep super warm and dry, wear Uggs to work and then change into a pair of heels or work shoes after you arrive at the office. Or, wear tall leather or suede boots instead of ankle boots or pumps. Weatherguard your shoes to protect against water and salt damage.

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      Make sure your eyes are protected too. Sunglasses guard your eyes from the UV rays cast by the sun, and they protect your face from the wind and snow. In Chicago, this is absolutely necessary. Wear sunglasses whenever you're traveling outside in Chicago winters, even if the sky is gray. Your face will thank you later.

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